“Thank you, Linda for your intuitive reading.  Your thoughtfulness in relaying your impressions of the cards made me feel that we made a genuine connection.  The way you clarified my situation gave me a new way of seeing and a positive way of understanding what is occurring in my life.  It has helped me a great deal – very accurate and helpful.” – ML

“Linda just ripped off that band-aid of – not the best but absolutely accurate news and saw how I can turn the situation into sunshine.” – CW

“As a skeptical querent, I found Linda’s reading very in tune with the energy surrounding my tarot question.  I especially liked how much time we spent discussing the feelings each of the cards evoked.  Linda never needed to look in a book, it was as if the cards were telling her exactly what I needed to hear.  I highly recommend Linda for a powerful and insightful reading.” – AL


“A reading from Linda is like being counseled by a wise sage.  She is able to tap into the timeless wisdom of the cards with ease and give down to earth answers that affirm and inspire.” – JA

“Linda’s reading was very insightful.  I had asked a question about work but she noticed many cards relating more to home and family.  She helped me to become more aware of my true issues which helped me to make an important decision.  I felt more centered and focused after my reading.  Highly recommend her to anyone contemplating change.” – LS

“Linda has a unique way of gently making you see your own truth and direction – she has an exceptional gift.” – SS

“I enjoyed Linda’s calm and peaceful demeanor.  Her inner psychic sense speaks to her and she relays that information to empower you.  It was such an eye-opening experience.  It really helped me personally and emotionally.  Thank You!” – TB


 “Linda’s reading was right on target!  I knew just how to handle my issue after talking to her; she was really helpful and knowledgeable.  Thanks Linda!” – ME

“What can I say Linda, your reading came at such a “needed” time in my life.  The reading was so very helpful in letting me see some things more clearly, to understand what lies ahead, things I was faced with and still am, decisions that had/have to be made, a much more clearer understanding of things that were confusing and lost.  That was my very first, in-depth, full reading and will look forward to future readings with you when I get that certain feeling again that I need you and the cards reading.  I appreciate you explaining everything to me and helping me to feel comfortable with what was placed in front of me.  You are the best!!! With much love and appreciation.” – Nicole B. Phoenix, AZ

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