About Linda

About Linda Bean Tarot Card Reader

  “Hello” my name is Linda and I read Tarot cards. Having received my first deck in the 70’s I have always been enchanted by the art and craft of the Tarot. I am constantly amazed by the accuracy of the cards and how they can answer questions. I especially enjoy using the Tarot because I feel it gives a focus and a channel for my intuitive gifts.  The Tarot can be used to assist and inspire people by bringing valuable insight to their personal journeys.  I am a member of the American Tarot Association, The Tarosophy Tarot Association and am Certified by the Tarot Certification Board of America.  Also a member, co-organizer and tarot social host with the Denver Tarot Meetup Group, I like to say “I am a forever apprentice of the Tarot”.  My Tarot reading style is truly fun, sincerely caring and openly honest.


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