“The Emperor”

The EmperorThe Emperor – Supreme Authority, Mars ruled by Aires, bordered by the Ram, exalted in the Sun.  His world fiery in a harsh mountainous landscape is a stark contrast to his consort the Empress’s lush garden.  A thin ribbon of the creative river trickles behind him while he is comfortably seated on his stone throne – civilization is his forte.

The Emperor is ‘defining intelligence’ and he proclaims the laws, boundaries and limits in the royal realm. Within his protection you learn of your ethics and values – how to be responsible within the solid architecture of societies organized structures.  He can be compassionate, acknowledging accomplishments and rewarding achievements.  The Emperor is a wise, mature and powerful ruler he clearly sees the big picture and makes the harsh decisions and sacrifices – for he is also a model and a fierce protector of goodwill especially toward the greater good.

A scepter of the symbol of life in one hand and a globe of dominion in the other the Emperor’s kingdom radiates vibrant with Divine Love. As your ally he can redefine your own territory and expand the horizons of your “I AM”.

Confidence – Logical – Assertive – Restrictive – Cruel – Excessive Domination – Stay focused, work hard and good things will happen – Organization – Ruthless – Father – Demanding


“The Empress”

She is Venus, the Goddess of Love in the Tarot.  Her realm is the forests, the meadows and all of Nature in its fertility and abundance.   A world mostly unencumbered by the structures of man.The Empress  The Empress is elegantly seated upon luxuriously cushions – wearing a soft rich gown as if to proclaim comfort and pleasure to all.  Her crown is set with a star for each of the twelve zodiac signs and a pearl for each of the planets are her necklace. The ornamented staff her symbol of sovereignty as she is the ruler of the heavens and earth.  The river of life is rushing beside her with grains of a forth coming bountiful harvest at her feet.  Beautiful eyes of unconditional love she has the radiant glow of a happy compassionate mother to be.  Her heart shaped shield signed with Venus clearly announces she is a passionate and sensuous woman – her golden hair graced by laurel crown she is enlightened & victorious; healing, encouraging and fun – by example “Enjoy – Life is to be Enjoyed”.

Encouraging – Beauty – Creativity – Pleasure – Delight – Make Merry – Cooperation – Smothering – Barren – Hallow – Joyless – A walk in the park to appreciate natures healing gifts – Fun – Party – Make Love – Share your Love

“The High Priestess”

Mystical Maiden of Intuition!
The Isis of the Tarot is centered between the pillars of dark, passive, receptive Boas of Strength and the white, active, expanding Jachin of wisdom; engraved soulful with each ones opposite. The balance of the cross on her robe signs to all the unity of masculine, material and feminine spiritual energies. She herself completes a third pillar of mildness in this triad, poised with the book of divine law and all things remembered protected in her lap. A tiara of the moon in its three phases’ crowns her head and a crescent moon at her feet are reminisce of the rhythms of the silver ship sailing across the mystical night skies. Seated upon a solid cube of reality The High Priestess rules the vast and mysterious world of the unconscious wisdom of subconscious, land of the psychic intuitive mind. Her gaze is supremely powerful, mirroring the deep and hidden forces of our inner voice.  Her immense realm is largely hidden with a veil of sacred pomegranates and palms, representing the fertility, death, victory, triumph, war, love and sex all obscuring focuses of daily life.  The High Priestess’s watery stream continually flows through us indiscriminately, She knows not the difference between reality and fantasy nor does She care – she is but a reflection of our deepest whispered thoughts.

Hidden Influences – Initiation – Dreams – Illusions

Memory – Reflection – Deep Knowing

Inner Voice – Unknown – Visions –

Be Still & Know     –   Shhh . . . .

“The Magician”

Magical Masculine Arrival!

Hand and wand thrust high, the alchemist transmits the energies of deity. His pointed finger of Jupiter assures the divine currents will be grounded.  He is scientist and artisan to his craft.  Manifest in a lush garden of red roses and white lilies which bloom of the desires of man and spirit, motivation of all creation.  Focused concentration vibrating Mercury, his dark hair is graced above with the infinite possibilities of a Lemniscate.  In the white garment caressed with holy wisdom and bound with the Ouroboros of eternity – the Magician is embraced in an incredibly sacred space.  His red robe presents actions and choices of the material world.  Before him upon a richly crafted table of science & art are placed the instruments of his trade.

A “Wand” Light to Will ~ A Water “Cup” to Know ~ A “Sword” of Air to Dare and A “Disk” of Food and Silence, engraved with the Pentacle; marked Quintessence to include Aether or perhaps the Fifth Element of Humanity.

Self-consciousness         “As Above ~ so Below”             Magnus             Action

Wednesday’s Child         Abuses of Power        Fears of Self-doubt

Abilities       Trickster       A Conduit     Skillful       Jedi

The knowing One sincerely is a Child of the Source Most High ~  A faithful channel of the Energy of the Divine and Gifted all of the tools of the world to Succeed by thought, word & deed is both True Power and Healing Profound.  I Believe in Me!

“The Fool”


This carefree soul is full of hope and focused vision.  Naiveté incarnate!

Placed between the Divine blessing of the super conscious from the Sun and the little dog of animal nature, friendly companion and the five senses – a journey is amidst.

In one hand is carried a white rose of spiritual love, delicately held high with purest intent.

The other hand effortlessly balancing a great wand of power to which is a bag full of the memories of which is all we ever get to really carry on our path.

Golden hair of wisdom adorned by a laurel crown of victory & mastery then accented by the red feather of truth – a gift from Ma’at, perhaps.

Behold – A life – what a pleasure to be here – and all of the tools and blessings necessary for the odyssey.

A Beginning – A Fearless Leap of Faith

Holy Smokes – What am I thinking?

Regroup – check the plan before beginning

Innocence – Following a dream

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