“The Emperor”

The EmperorThe Emperor – Supreme Authority, Mars ruled by Aires, bordered by the Ram, exalted in the Sun.  His world fiery in a harsh mountainous landscape is a stark contrast to his consort the Empress’s lush garden.  A thin ribbon of the creative river trickles behind him while he is comfortably seated on his stone throne – civilization is his forte.

The Emperor is ‘defining intelligence’ and he proclaims the laws, boundaries and limits in the royal realm. Within his protection you learn of your ethics and values – how to be responsible within the solid architecture of societies organized structures.  He can be compassionate, acknowledging accomplishments and rewarding achievements.  The Emperor is a wise, mature and powerful ruler he clearly sees the big picture and makes the harsh decisions and sacrifices – for he is also a model and a fierce protector of goodwill especially toward the greater good.

A scepter of the symbol of life in one hand and a globe of dominion in the other the Emperor’s kingdom radiates vibrant with Divine Love. As your ally he can redefine your own territory and expand the horizons of your “I AM”.

Confidence – Logical – Assertive – Restrictive – Cruel – Excessive Domination – Stay focused, work hard and good things will happen – Organization – Ruthless – Father – Demanding


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