“The Empress”

She is Venus, the Goddess of Love in the Tarot.  Her realm is the forests, the meadows and all of Nature in its fertility and abundance.   A world mostly unencumbered by the structures of man.The Empress  The Empress is elegantly seated upon luxuriously cushions – wearing a soft rich gown as if to proclaim comfort and pleasure to all.  Her crown is set with a star for each of the twelve zodiac signs and a pearl for each of the planets are her necklace. The ornamented staff her symbol of sovereignty as she is the ruler of the heavens and earth.  The river of life is rushing beside her with grains of a forth coming bountiful harvest at her feet.  Beautiful eyes of unconditional love she has the radiant glow of a happy compassionate mother to be.  Her heart shaped shield signed with Venus clearly announces she is a passionate and sensuous woman – her golden hair graced by laurel crown she is enlightened & victorious; healing, encouraging and fun – by example “Enjoy – Life is to be Enjoyed”.

Encouraging – Beauty – Creativity – Pleasure – Delight – Make Merry – Cooperation – Smothering – Barren – Hallow – Joyless – A walk in the park to appreciate natures healing gifts – Fun – Party – Make Love – Share your Love


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