“The High Priestess”

Mystical Maiden of Intuition!
The Isis of the Tarot is centered between the pillars of dark, passive, receptive Boas of Strength and the white, active, expanding Jachin of wisdom; engraved soulful with each ones opposite. The balance of the cross on her robe signs to all the unity of masculine, material and feminine spiritual energies. She herself completes a third pillar of mildness in this triad, poised with the book of divine law and all things remembered protected in her lap. A tiara of the moon in its three phases’ crowns her head and a crescent moon at her feet are reminisce of the rhythms of the silver ship sailing across the mystical night skies. Seated upon a solid cube of reality The High Priestess rules the vast and mysterious world of the unconscious wisdom of subconscious, land of the psychic intuitive mind. Her gaze is supremely powerful, mirroring the deep and hidden forces of our inner voice.  Her immense realm is largely hidden with a veil of sacred pomegranates and palms, representing the fertility, death, victory, triumph, war, love and sex all obscuring focuses of daily life.  The High Priestess’s watery stream continually flows through us indiscriminately, She knows not the difference between reality and fantasy nor does She care – she is but a reflection of our deepest whispered thoughts.

Hidden Influences – Initiation – Dreams – Illusions

Memory – Reflection – Deep Knowing

Inner Voice – Unknown – Visions –

Be Still & Know     –   Shhh . . . .


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