“The Magician”

Magical Masculine Arrival!

Hand and wand thrust high, the alchemist transmits the energies of deity. His pointed finger of Jupiter assures the divine currents will be grounded.  He is scientist and artisan to his craft.  Manifest in a lush garden of red roses and white lilies which bloom of the desires of man and spirit, motivation of all creation.  Focused concentration vibrating Mercury, his dark hair is graced above with the infinite possibilities of a Lemniscate.  In the white garment caressed with holy wisdom and bound with the Ouroboros of eternity – the Magician is embraced in an incredibly sacred space.  His red robe presents actions and choices of the material world.  Before him upon a richly crafted table of science & art are placed the instruments of his trade.

A “Wand” Light to Will ~ A Water “Cup” to Know ~ A “Sword” of Air to Dare and A “Disk” of Food and Silence, engraved with the Pentacle; marked Quintessence to include Aether or perhaps the Fifth Element of Humanity.

Self-consciousness         “As Above ~ so Below”             Magnus             Action

Wednesday’s Child         Abuses of Power        Fears of Self-doubt

Abilities       Trickster       A Conduit     Skillful       Jedi

The knowing One sincerely is a Child of the Source Most High ~  A faithful channel of the Energy of the Divine and Gifted all of the tools of the world to Succeed by thought, word & deed is both True Power and Healing Profound.  I Believe in Me!


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