“The Fool”


This carefree soul is full of hope and focused vision.  Naiveté incarnate!

Placed between the Divine blessing of the super conscious from the Sun and the little dog of animal nature, friendly companion and the five senses – a journey is amidst.

In one hand is carried a white rose of spiritual love, delicately held high with purest intent.

The other hand effortlessly balancing a great wand of power to which is a bag full of the memories of which is all we ever get to really carry on our path.

Golden hair of wisdom adorned by a laurel crown of victory & mastery then accented by the red feather of truth – a gift from Ma’at, perhaps.

Behold – A life – what a pleasure to be here – and all of the tools and blessings necessary for the odyssey.

A Beginning – A Fearless Leap of Faith

Holy Smokes – What am I thinking?

Regroup – check the plan before beginning

Innocence – Following a dream


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